Jul 18 2019 I've made it all the way to Twitter! Feel free to follow me!Category: General     02:57PM   0

It's true, guys.  I'm on Twitter nowcheeky  I haven't yet figured out how to link my account (or get the little "bird" Twitter icon to show up on my website (lol) in the meantime, this is where you can find my Twitter page:


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Dec 20 2018 My love of movies...(and movie snacks!)Category: General     02:09PM   0

Catching up on 90's stuff I haven't seen.

Currently watching:

~Leaving Las Vegas~

I love it!  I’m not surprised it won the Academy Award in 1996!  I fell in love with Nick...(and Elisabeth!) 

Afterward, I unearthed a perfect 2-min. interview with Elisabeth on Youtube...

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